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About Us



About Us

Thai Const & Building Manufacturing Pcl.

Thai Const, was established in March 1990 under the original name of Siam Chuo Build Industry Co.,Ltd., for the manufacturing and sales of high quality steel scaffoldings and accessories. Equipped with experienced staffs, sophisticated equipment and advanced production technology, Thai Const has been able to supply high quality products to construction industry in Thailand and the neighboring countries at its highest efficiency.

At present, We have Factory & distribution 6 branches in Thailand (Samutprakarn, Bearing, Rayong, Pathumthani, Lampoon and suvarnabhumi ) for distribution with its neighbors in the AEC. Thai Const is the first and

only scaffolding company in Thailand, awarded the Certificate of Standard from the Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) and achieved ISO 9001:2008 from TÜV Rheinland

Standard is the beginning of Safety

With the concept that standard is the beginning of safety. Thus,

This making us consider about the quality of product and we thinking about

The safety in use. So you can be assured that all products of Thai Const and Building Manufacturing Is effective and route to international standards.

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Chairman Profile

Dr.Prasit Kanchanasakdichai Is well known both as a teacher, Investor, and business rehabilitation both in the country and abroad. Which at this time There are more than 6 companies in charge, such as T.C.B. Home Center, C.M. Manufacturing, TCB Daikure, Thai Barge Container Services, and Thailand Iron Work, etc.
In the field of education, Dr.Prasit Kanchanasakdichai holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master's Degree in MBA Marketing at NIDA, and a Ph.D. in Finance at Boston with Honors. Also, Dr. Prasit has been a teacher at Nida for more than 5 years in the finance field.
And Dr.Prasit is the one who promotes the research in the country to the international level, at the same time. He also served in several governmental committees such as Chairperson of the Port Authority of Thailand, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Recovery Fund, Farmers Development, Trade Competition Committee Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Transport
And an advisor of the Minister of interior, etc.

In business term., started with the rehabilitation of business that in bad situation period. See the possibilities of production, marketing and planning about finances and needs from the old owners as much as possible then the business that Dr.Prasit going to rehabilitation can be revived from the economic crisis called Tom Yum Goong Until being able to recover profitable in one year Become a high-rank enterprise the continue to grow up also Dr.Prasit has acquired both domestic and international businesses such as C.M. MANUFACTURING that building a house structure for SCG-Sekesui that is the leading Business in japan and Representing Nissin Steel, a major Japanese steel manufacturer
made steel with ZAM innovation. Zinc Aluminum and Magnesium coating are now widely used. And have invested in many other businesses
Dr.Prasit has also received numerous management awards such as the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) in the Outstanding Category, an award that reflects the success in driving business development to excellence in Asia. Continued coming of entrepreneurs and organizations It is also an award that demonstrates its unwavering commitment to uphold the highest global standards.

Thai Const and Building Manufacturing PCL.

Has been certified by TISI. or Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) With the number 801-2531 or in the name of industrial products:

"Tubular steel scaffolding: Prefabricated frame type"

First Manufacturer with 

TISI 801-2531 Certified!!

Thai Const and Building Manufacturing PLC.

Acquired ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

From TÜV Rheinland, a leading company in the country, About Quality Management System


ISO 9001 is an international standard that businesses around the world focus on. For excellence in quality and efficiency of operations within the organization

Setting up a management system for quality assurance which is a system that ensures that all processes regulated and verifiable Through a system that specifies procedures and methods of working

Thai Const and Building Manufacturing PLC.

Certified to BS1139 or British Standard system By SGS, BS1139 is a globally recognized standard.

British acceptance standard In terms of production quality, it is accepted in Europe. And widely used in civil works Building structure and

various construction equipment



As standard, specification, length, thickness of

Materials, load capacity and so on are included.

Pipe size, tight welding the various anchors are the standards that is used globally.

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Guaranteed to be a leader in the construction industry with an international best company award.


Thailand Top SME

Awards 2018


Thailand Top Company 

Awards 2019



Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2019

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