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Standard and Testing




"standard is the beginning of safety"

Thai Const. We have a strength tester of scaffolding product that is Modern and international quality Equivalent to Japanese standard, it buyer want to test the strength of our product we pressure to.

There is a rigid hardness tester of scaffolding equipment. with the modern and same high standards as in Japan. If you want Test the rigidity of the scaffolding equipment you have purchased.


Come our way, we’re happy to test the strength for you

Nowadays there are many substandard construction equipment sold out, causing accidents and losses

Both property and life.


At first glance, these stuffs look cheap per piece. But when considering about the quality, actual weight and service life. Considered expensive and still a risk Following the collapse of scaffolding accidents that occur very often Scaffolding equipment for rent from ThaiCons has a rigorous hardness test. Continuity with standardized testing equipment to ensure that all products Ready to use well.



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The Picture Showed

 Test Process of 

Thaiconst Product

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