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THAICONST scaffolding & Accessories

ไทยคอนส์ นั่งร้านและอุปกรณ์ก่อสร้าง

Scaffolding and Accesories

"Standard is the beginning of safety"  We are the only one manufacturer in Thailand

That has been certified by TISI also with the International standards of ISO 9001: 2008.

Japanese standard 

One set of scaffolding includes

  Vertical Frame 2 piece

  Horizontal Frame 1 piece

  Cross Brace 2 piece

  Joint Pin 4 piece

Japanese standard scaffolding is a product that is used as a replacement for bamboo or other unsafe scaffold, therefore it is produced as a replacement for traditional scaffolding. Japanese scaffolding is a scaffold that has been certified by the Ministry of Interior. And more importantly, the Japanese scaffolding from Thaicons

Be the first in Thailand to receive an industry standard Also known as          TISI Standard   

Thus, it can prove that the scaffolding from

Thaicons is qualified to international standards.

Vertical Frame 

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Vertical frame TFT-1219.jpg

Vertical frame TFT-1219

High=1930, Width=1219(mm.)


All product size stand for millimeter (mm.) >


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